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Beautiful Beaches in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

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Kabupaten (it's an area headed by a leader called bupati) Gunung Kidul is a  regency in Yogyakarta province, Indonesia. The capital city is Wonosari. This regency borders with Central Java province on northern and eastern part, Hindia ocean on the south, also Bantul regency and Sleman regency on the west. Gunung Kidul regency consists of 18 sub-districts, which divided into several villages. The central government in Wonosari sub-district. There are hills and limestone mountains, on the Sewu Mountain's part. Some part of Gunung Kidul are barren area, and almost in every dry season a disaster like drought happens. Well, maybe Gunung Kidul well known as a barren area, but actually Gunung Kidul has potentially tourisms which are recommended to be visited, especially beaches.

Maybe some of you have already known about Yogyakarta,  and you also already known about Parangtritis and Depok Beach. Those two beaches have their own attractions, especially Parangtritis, it has a legendary story which has connection with Nyi Roro Kidul. But have you ever heard about tourism in Gunung Kidul area? This regency has potentially tourism, there are some beaches with a beautiful landscape, and the beauty is different among those beaches, you won't get bored if you visit these places.

There are Sundak Beach, Krakal Beach, Kukup Beach, and Baron Beach (in this beach you can bargain so many kind of fishes to get them). Those beaches have managed well, but there are so many beaches which never visited by the tourists. Krakal Beach for instance, has a wide shore with the white sand and the wave is not too high, absolutely you can feel comfortable when you enjoy the natural view and forget your daily activities.

From Yogyakarta, it takes time about 2 or 2,5 hours to reach those beaches area. But you don't need to worry, because you can enjoy a natural landscape (limestone hill on the dry season and green hill on the rainy season) make sure you go there not on the holidays, because it will too crowded.

Krakal Beach

Drini Beach

Baron Beach

Ngobaran Beach

Ngrenehan Beach 

Wediombo Beach

Sundak Beach

Siung Beach

Sepanjang Beach

Nguyahan Beach

Ngungap Beach

Here are the transportations and the lanes to get to the beaches:

1. Landlane
You can use a bus te get there, for you who come from Yogyakarta, you can go to Giwangan bus station (Yogyakarta) then use a bus with Wonosari direction, after you arrive in Wonosari bus station you can find a bus to Tanjung Sari, Tepus and their surroundings because those beaches lie in those sub-districts. You can also use a train from Tugu train station, then you go to Giwangan station, and you can continue by bus.

2. Airlines
You can also use a plane to go to Adi Sucipto airport, from the airport you can use Jogja busway to go to Giwangan bus station, and then you can continue just like what you have to do when you use the landlane.

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