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Peace Symbol

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There are some symbols or signs to say “peace”, do you know all of them? If you really wanna know, let’s check this one out…

This most widely known peace symbol was originally the anti-nuclear emblem. It was invented on the request of Lord Bertrand Russel, head of the British ‘Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’ (CDN). The symbol is derived from semaphore signals (just like we learned in scouts, in Indonesia we have Pramuka) for the letters ‘N’ and ‘D’ standing for Nuclear Disarmament. The Peace Action Symbol was designed on February 21, 1958 for use in the first Peace Walk in England.

Are you familiar with the V for Victory symbol? It is thought to have begun in Europe during World War II. The V for Victory was painted on walls as a symbol of freedom from occupying forces. The sign was once again widely used by peace movements in the 1960s and 1970s as a symbol of victory for peace and truth.

The olive wreath originated in Greece and was the highest award given to a citizen in ancient Greece. The prize was also given to winners at the ancient Olympic Games as a symbol of victory. Greeks considered the olive tree as the most valuable gift, a symbol of peace, sustenance, and life. In the Olympics, it’s given for the idea of peaceful competition through sport.

The Peace Crane (origami). In Asia the white crane is the bird of peace in terms of prosperity and friendship. The origami crane became popular after bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In 1955, when an eleven year old Japanese girl was diagnosed with leukemia from exposure to nuclear radiation, she heard that if she folded a thousand paper cranes (origami), she would be granted a wish. She began folding one crane after another wishing for a health body within a world of peace. Would you like to know how to make a Peace Crane? Search You Tube –How To Make An Origami Peace Crane OR go to – http://monkey.org/~aidan/origami/crane/

The white dove carrying an olive branch has been the symbol of peace and hope for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians saw the dove was as symbol of quiet innocence. The Chinese felt the dove was a symbol of peace and long life. To early Greeks and Romans, doves represented love and devotion and care for a family. In some other religions an olive branch is a sign for peace and good will.

Additional  info about peace organization:
The Peace Corps. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and U. S. President Barack Obama announced their intent to re-establish a Peace Corps program in Indonesia following their November 15th, 2009 bilateral discussions at the APEC conference in Singapore. Indonesia will be the Peace Corps’ 76th host-country. Peace Corps volunteers serve in the communities where they live and work in sectors such as education, health, agriculture,  and food security, the environment, youth and community development, information technology and business development. For more information about the Peace Corps, you can visit http://www.peacecorps.gov./

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