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Inflatable Floating Trampolines

Diposting oleh Blog For Funz on Senin, 11 Juli 2011

inflatable trampoline 650x466 Inflatable Floating Trampolines

There are few things more fun than bouncing on a trampoline. But of course there’s an inherent danger with jumping in that you could fly off and land on the ground and hurt yourself. Not a problem when the trampoline is floating- half the fun of these is to bounce off into the water. And since they’re inflatable- there’s no sharp edges or metal springs to land on when you fail to do your eyes closed double backflip with a half rotation. Here you can find every single inflatable floating trampoline for sale at Amazon Inflatable Floating Trampolines, we’ll highlight some cool individual ones below.
rave o zone inflatable trampoline Inflatable Floating Trampolines
Above is the Rave O-Zone XL Plus 12 Foot Bounce Platform with Slide 2011 Inflatable Floating Trampolines which is one of the more affordable models and has plenty of room to jump around and a slide to slip right into the lake.
aviva 25 orbit floating trampoline 650x431 Inflatable Floating Trampolines
The Aviva 25′ Orbit Inflatable Floating Trampolines is one of the largest floating trampolines you can buy, measuring 25 feet across. That gives you plenty of room to get a good running start on your superbounces and the ability to bounce along with all your friends at once (1000 pound limit, so even your chubby friends can play).
inflatable log roll Inflatable Floating Trampolines
More an accessory than an actual trampoline but the Moonwalk Inflatable Floating Trampolines is like an inflatable log rolling competition meets the balance beam. It attaches to Aviva or Orbit floating trampolines and can be used to connect two to make an obstacle course.
rave Aquajump water park 650x487 Inflatable Floating Trampolines

The RAVE Aqua Jump 20 Waterpark Inflatable Floating Trampolines comes with the trampoline, the log, and the launcher for summertime water fun (2 units are shown in the picture above, which looks like a lot of fun). Like all the other large inflatable trampolines, this one has a ladder to help you climb out of the water and get jumping again.
There you go- ultimate summer fun. Like we mentioned above, here’s all the floating trampolines available as we didn’t mention the more basic ones in various sizes. Anyone out there have one or have been on one of these? Leave a review or comment below, we’d love to know what you think.


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