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Don't Let The Spirit Of Rock And Roll Die.....!!!!

Diposting oleh Blog For Funz on Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Di Youtube nemu kata2 yang Membangkitkan Jiwa Insan Rock N Roll

You say Lady Gaga, I say Velvet Revolver

You say Hannah Montana, I say Metallica.

You say Owl City, I say Avenged Sevenfold.

You say Jonas Brothers, I say Pantera.

You say Justin Bieber, I say Slipknot.

You say Taylor Swift, I say Guns & Roses.

95% of teens these days listen to the same crappy pop over and over again. If you're one of the 5% who still listens to real music, thumb this up, then copy and paste it to at least five videos. Don't let the spirit of rock and roll die!


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